The steel skate blade has to be bonded into an aluminium extrusion, the blade should stay fully flat. Due tot the difference in thermal expansion only a 2C room temperature curing adhesive could be used, which has itself also a high degree of stiffness. The adhesive is applied into the aluminium extrusion and the blade should be pressed into the adhesive, this results in special requirements for the adhesive regarding the viscosity and more specific to the rheology. In order to achieve a durable adhesive joint, the correct surface pretreatment of both metal parts is an essential part of the bonding process. By making smart choices, it has been possible to integrate existing required processes like grinding of the blade into the pretreatment process. Both parts have received an alkalic cleaning treatment, which has been followed by applying the same primer system. This primer made a batch orientated production process possible, even after months the primed parts only needed to be activated using a simple cleaner. By giving the right advise, this company has not experienced delamination problems for more than 20 years.