In the building segment a transition is taken place of building on location to producing large prefab panels/parts in production facilities. This process incorporates a lot of changes, but also offers new possibilities, which is certainly true with respect to the field of sealants and adhesives. Complete outside facades are already produced as prefab parts inside production facilities. These panels consist of sandwich panels, which are bonded using 2 component adhesives, afterwards window frames are bonded on these panels and often already stone strips are bonded on these panels as well. The stone strips are bonded using different types of adhesives, which are depending on the required final appearance of the bonded system. One method is e.g. to spray an adhesive on the sandwich panel like a rough coating, after which the stone strips are placed on and pressed in the adhesive layer using a robot. Another method is using a high viscosity adhesive, which is applied in beads on these panels, afterwards the stone strips are positioned and pressed into the beads by hand or by using a robot. Next to choosing the right adhesive system, it is essential to implement the right application method as well in order to achieve the required aesthetics and durability of the bonded joints. Rich-Bond can help you to make the right choices and implement the products in your production.