Solar panels are experiencing rapid development, not only with respect to the amount of energy they generate, but also the functions they have to fulfil. New systems form an integral roof concept, under which only insulating material and a vapor-permeable foil are used. In this type of roof systems, the adhesive bond often forms an important structural part of the system. These PV panels have a design life of 50 years, which results in high demands related for the adhesive in combination to the required surface pretreatments. 

These sun panels consist of aluminium frames which are bonded on the PV glass panels. In this case an elastic 2-component adhesive is used. The product is mixed using a 2 component mixing system, which is controlled over the volume mixing ratio using gear pumps. The off balance is less than 1%. Rich-Bond can help to choose the right adhesive system (including the required pretreatments) up to choosing the right mixing and dosing system.